Carl Schander, previous application manager with focus on business development and customer relations, joins the team. Carl will work on strengthening GeoSignage commercial offer and ensure that the company  keeps the focus on the customers’ needs and requirements also in the future.

To read more about our team and our vision please visit the About Us page. 

Lawrence de Guzman enters the board to further strengthen the strategic work and business development. Lawrence has a background within sales, top level management and early business development. 

We welcome Lawrence to the team and look forward to the qualities Lawrence, with his long and solid experience, will add to the company.


GeoSignage has signed a partnership with Mobitec and Luminator Group, LTG, which will make our CMS even more available for the end customers and result in a further enhanced travelers experience for their passengers.

From today GeoSignage CMS is used to drive screens onboard 120 new buses in the southeast part of Sweden. The technology is introduced by Blekingetrafiken, the PTA of the region. GeoSignage CMS is used to provide passenger information, news, entertainment and advertisement. Blekingetrafiken’s press release can be read here (Swedish).

To read more about our CMS and why our partners choose GeoSignage please visit the Content Management page. 

From now GeoSignage provides the CMS running on ferries serving the public transportation in Boston. This project is together with Icomera and GeoSignage is providing the software to manage onboard displays with traffic- and safety- information.

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Long-haul bus operator Swebus has now installed its first buses with an infotainment solution provided by Icomera, in cooperation with GeoSignage. GeoSignage is contributing its CMS and media computer, to manage and serve content on Swebus’ displays.

This is the first delivery of GeoSignage own media computer, developed to lower the entry barrier to infotainment by offering a low cost, high reliability and easy maintenance.

In total, Swebus will install 37 buses with the infotainment solution.