GeoSignage® is a Content Management System (CMS) for infotainment in public transport. Infotainment systems (displays and mobile devices) can be used to give passengers traffic information, news, advertisements and entertainment, in the right time and place. GeoSignage CMS maximises the utility of an infotainment system, by offering easy location-based triggering, dynamic playback adaptation and a user-friendly, cost-effective administration.

GeoSignage CMS meets the needs of media companies, operators, public transport authorities and system suppliers within the area of infotainment, and makes it possible for several parties to create an effective communication channel together. This way, GeoSignage can contribute to increasing advertising revenue, passenger satisfaction and ridership.

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GeoSignage in traffic

GeoSignage CMS is used to manage Karlstadsbuss’ infotainment system. The 59 city buses in Karlstad, Sweden, began operations on July 1, 2013. The TV4-Group is responsible for news and advertising sales. The film below is best viewed in full screen mode with HD-quality.

“GeoSignage’s system has in all ways both met and exceeded expectations, and the software has shown itself to be very reliable. We have received only positive reactions from our customers.”

– Sören Bergerland, Head, Karlstadsbuss