Disruption information and location-based ad

Passengers with Karlstadsbuss now receive disruption information through GeoSignage infotainment system. Disruption messages are collected automatically from the same tool as Karlstadsbuss uses for publishing disruption information on its website, app and Facebook. Messages are only shown on relevant lines and before relevant stops.

Automatic Disruption Message

Further, McDonald’s has become the first advertiser to take the opportunity to customise advertisements based on the bus’ location. Every time it is McDonald’s turn to be played, the system chooses between a standard advertisement or a distance meter. If the bus is in the vicinity of one of the four McDonald’s restaurants in Karlstad, the distance to the restaurant is shown, and updated as the bus moves. This is an example of how advertisers can use GeoSignage GeoWidget-feature for a more interactive, relevant advertisement.

McDonald's Location-based AdvertisementAnother way to use the GeoWidget is e.g. for a real estate agent to show houses which are up for sale, or houses which have been sold, in the area around the bus’ position.