Project in Riga expands

 After some time in operation Riga Acs has decided to extend the business with GeoSignage and Swarco by implementing all available add-ons.

Riga Acs can now get a deeper understanding of where and how often various media is being played, create time dependent playlists, display content based on geofences among other options.

Swebus installing Icomera & GeoSignage infotainment

Long-haul bus operator Swebus has now installed its first buses with an infotainment solution provided by Icomera, in cooperation with GeoSignage. GeoSignage is contributing its CMS and media computer, to manage and serve content on Swebus’ displays.

This is the first delivery of GeoSignage own media computer, developed to lower the entry barrier to infotainment by offering a low cost, high reliability and easy maintenance.

In total, Swebus will install 37 buses with the infotainment solution.

Exhibiting at IT-Trans 2016

GeoSignage will be exhibiting at the IT-Trans exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany, March 1-3, 2016. The exhibition brings together the top companies in “IT Solutions for Public Transport.” This is the third visit GeoSignage makes to IT-Trans and the first time as an exhibitor.

Information about the exhibition is available here. Please come visit us in booth H2 to the right of the entrance in Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre!


Visit us in booth H2 at IT-Trans in Karlsruhe, Germany, March 1-3, 2016.
Visit us in booth H2 at IT-Trans in Karlsruhe, Germany, March 1-3, 2016.

GeoSignage receive large order for project in Riga

GeoSignage has received an order to deliver the basic module of its standard Content Management System focusing on infotainment in public transport for Riga Acs through the partnership with Swarco.

The system will be running on more than 600 buses, trams and trolley-buses in Riga where the CMS will help Riga Acs to enhance the passenger information system and create revenue from onboard advertisement.