Customer statement after successful project in Riga

The GeoSignage Content Management System (CMS) has now been operational in Riga, Capital of Latvia, for more than two years. The system is running on more than 600 buses, trams and trolley-buses, where it helps our end-customer, Rigas Acs, to enhance the travellers’ experience and create revenue through onboard advertisement.

GeoSignage onboard bus in Riga.

The official statement from Gustavs Ozolins, IT Specialist at Rigas Acs, and Andris Tifentals, Operations Director at SW Baltics, describing their experience from using the system and working with GeoSignage through this project:

The Content Management System has always worked very well and we had an easy process setting this up, we have never received any complaints neither from the system operators nor the advertisement company who is also using the CMS.

We share the time for shown media with an advertisement company and we think it’s easy to control what content to display and conduct the planning for the coming weeks.

We are very satisfied with the system and we also know that GeoSignage are very open to providing us with new, customised features if we desire.

Gustavs Ozolins, Rigas Acs

We really appreciate the cooperation with GeoSignage and we value having a partner that we can trust. GeoSignage have always performed what they promised within the set time frame, which makes it very easy for us to work with them.

We highly appreciate the excellent cooperation we have and we look forward to future joint projects.

Andris Tifentals, SW Baltics

GeoSignage is proud to be part of this successful project and satisfied that our high focus on customer satisfaction is appreciated by our partners and customers.

Partnership with FourC

GeoSignage is today happy to announce our partnership with Norwegian FourC. From today it is possible for companies to implement the GeoSignage Content Management System (CMS) for infotainment through FourC’s Open Service Platform (OPS).

We at GeoSignage are excited to be closer connected to the FourC offer and we believe that our service will be appreciated by FourC’s customers. During the past years we have seen an increased demand for CMSs within public transportation and we believe our software with high focus on reliability and user friendliness will be a welcome add-on to the OPS.

The first commercial project together with FourC is already up and running in Hordaland county in Norway. GeoSignage’s CMS will also be displayed at the FourC booth (B3042) during UITP in Stockholm during next week.

Carl Schander joins the team

Carl Schander, previous application manager with focus on business development and customer relations, joins the team. Carl will work on strengthening GeoSignage commercial offer and ensure that the company  keeps the focus on the customers’ needs and requirements also in the future.

Lawrence de Guzman enters the board

Lawrence de Guzman enters the board to further strengthen the strategic work and business development. Lawrence has a background within sales, top level management and early business development. 

We welcome Lawrence to the team and look forward to the qualities Lawrence, with his long and solid experience, will add to the company.

New project in Sweden

From today GeoSignage CMS is used to drive screens onboard 120 new buses in the southeast part of Sweden. The technology is introduced by Blekingetrafiken, the PTA of the region. GeoSignage CMS is used to provide passenger information, news, entertainment and advertisement. Blekingetrafiken’s press release can be read here (Swedish).

Visit GeoSignage at IT-Trans!

On March 6-8, GeoSignage will exhibit at the IT-Trans exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The exhibition brings together the top companies in “IT Solutions for Public Transport”. This is the second time that GeoSignage attends IT-Trans as an exhibitor.

The goal of the visits is to expand GeoSignage’s network of partners, who wish to have a flexible and user-friendly CMS in their portfolio.

Please come visit us in booth D23, just next to the delegates restaurant!

GeoSignage visiting the APTA and Busworld fairs during October

On October 9-12 GeoSignage will visit the APTA EXPO in Atlanta, U.S. With over 800 exhibitors from around the world, this is one of the biggest events in the global public transport industry.

On October 22-25 GeoSignage will visit the Busworld fair in Kortrijk, Belgium. With a history of more than 40 years, this is one of the oldest and most famous bus exhibitions in the world.

The goal of the visits is to expand GeoSignage’s network of partners, who wish to have a flexible and user-friendly CMS in their portfolio.

Contact us if you want to meet there!